Charles Hadcock at “Interactive” at The Amerada Hess Gallery, London

Year: 1998
Location: Grosvenor Place London
Type: Group Exhibition with Edward Allington, Don Brown, Dan Chadwick, Grenville Davey, Anya Gallaccio, Liam Gillick, Jefford Horrigan, Michael Landy, Lucia Nogueira, Simon Patterson, Marcus Taylor,Amikam Toren, Alison Wilding, Keith Wilson, Richard Woods
Publication: Catalogue
Curator: Janice Oresman

Charles Hadcock at "Interactive" at The Amerada Hess Gallery, London 


Article Text: Charles Hadcock, Maquette for Passacaglia. This characterises the art in this exhibition of contemporary British sculpture which I have titled Interactive. These are works that involve the viewer, either in a physical and participatory way, as they invade our space or we invade theirs or by mental gymnastics through issues raised, ideas generated, or questions asked about meaning and medium.

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