Charles Hadcock and Encounter Contemporary: avant-garde e-gallery

Year: August 2014
Publication: Financial Times:  How to Spend It
Author: Lydia Winter

Encounter Contemporary: avant-garde e-gallery

Cool, offline pop-ups around the world complement this online showcase

Earlier this summer, visitors wishing to see the sculptor Charles Hadcock’s impressive bronze sculptures found themselves not at a Mayfair gallery, but 60 Threadneedle Street – an office building in the City a stone’s throw from the Bank of England. Elements was the latest pop-up exhibition hosted by Encounter Contemporary, an online gallery that launched last year as an innovative way for contemporary art collectors to engage with – and purchase – art. “We are creating a gallery without walls,” says co-founder Alexander Caspari, who with his partner Jordan Harris, have between them worked at Sotheby’s, Christie’s and Phillips, and several London galleries.

The pieces displayed at Elements – such as the oversized, geometrically intriguing Maquette for Caesura VIII (£8,500) – were just a handful of Hadcock’s works that Encounter features on its site. Hadcock’s reflective bronze works are reminiscent of the inside of a clock – functional but delicate and decorative – despite their enormous size. Also mechanical-like is the stunning Maquette for Caesura VI (£25,000,  pictured) that further speaks to Hadcock’s interest in mathematics and engineering.

This extract is from this article at How to Spend It.

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